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Large home unpack
Please pass along a heartfelt thanks to the crew from our family. You and your team all worked so hard on our behalf and we really appreciate it. We are so pleased with all of the progress in one day and feel like we have a great head start on life in our new home. Having a large enough team so all rooms can be unpacked simultaneously is a great service you offer. We are looking forward to working with you on round 2!
—Alison F., Chicago, IL

Helping with a move
From rolling up her sleeves and helping me sort through clutter, to sitting with me at the computer to coordinate furniture sales and Craigslist posts, Terri was an incredible help during my move. Her versatility was what helped me tackle so many different tasks: she wasn‘t afraid to get her hands dirty, and she also had digital savvy and professional resources that helped me with everything from scheduling errands to selling/donating furniture and managing important documents. She even helped me get to the second-hand clothes store to sell unwanted clothes. Terri‘s a “get-it-done” type who keeps things moving and prevents you from procrastination or indecision — both of which I’m usually very good at — and I was surprised how much we‘d completed in a single session. While we worked, she showed me practical tips and organizational strategies that will also make unpacking and setting up in my new space much easier. I highly recommend her for her techniques, motivation, resources, and the peace of mind that I felt afterwards.
—Scott H., Chicago, IL

2-bedroom condo de-clutter
All the accolades about you from Yelp reviews proved to be true. You always answer your phone or take very little time in returning the call. And you are also accommodating when scheduling appointments....and are always on time. You are professional and very personable and work at a speed that amazes me. Your ideas for organizing are phenomenal and you are a fount of knowledge for those who wish to resell anything!

Your ability to ask questions and remember the answers aid in getting things done at a great pace. And, I can’t thank you enough for doing so much of the relocating of items in my condo as I have limited strength due to spine surgery.
—Barbara G., Chicago, IL

Studio organizing
Before my organizing sessions with Terri, I had letters, papers, and items scattered all over the place. Letters, books, and papers were on the window sill, floor, and on the tops of dressers and bookcases. They were in no particular order, and I'd forget where I put stuff or even forget that I had certain items. My floor was so cluttered that I had no place to walk or exercise. I’d just come home, lie down, and fall asleep.

Terri speedily helped me categorize items and make a home for them. She also helped me quickly decide whether I really needed something. Without her suggestions, I would not have thrown anything out. She taught me how to organize and to stay organized. I’d definitely recommend her!
—Dave E., Chicago, IL

Relocation with a long-time homeowner
Heartfelt thanks to Terri Albert, Chicago Professional Organizer. Terri’s extraordinary patience and professionalism provided strength and guidance for me, a widow selling my home where I lived with my husband and two adult children, for over 30 years. Although navigating the journey of moving an emotionally daunting process, Terri’s sense of humor, contacts and unending tenacity brought clarity and closure to the experience. Thank you, Terri.....I deeply appreciated your presence and organizational wisdom.
—Jane H., Chicago, IL

Single guy condo organizing
My condo isn’t a mess except for what’s hidden in closets and drawers and on my desk. It’s a good thing Terri loves what she does because I hate having to organize my stuff! In just three hours, we did so much. She pulled out everything stuffed in my front hall closet and sorted items into categories. I saw how much junk I had and threw a lot of stuff away. She repurposed empty shoe boxes to put everything in and labeled them. Now the closet is completely functional. She got me to do the unpleasant task of going through old mail and paperwork and memorabilia that had piled up on my desk and found places for what I kept. She made drawer organizers for desk items from an old cell phone box and lid and used baggies to keep my gift cards separate. I didn’t need to go out to buy a single organizing item from a store since we just used things I had in my condo.
—Song C., Chicago, IL

Huge book collection
My 82 year old dad lives in a 5-story townhouse filled with thousands of books/periodicals, and a 35 year lifetime of accumulation. Borderline hoarder situation--he was overwhelmed with the task, and I live out of state. He was thrilled with the gift certificate for Christmas! Instead of dreading the thought of receiving more “stuff” at the holidays, he got help with two organizers to GET RID OF stuff which was what he really needed. In six-hour session, they sorted about 1,200 books to sell to a book dealer Terri knows about. A trunk load of other items went to Goodwill, and the recycling and garbage cans were overflowing. There is more to be done but a huge victory to get the project started after so many years and there is light at the end of the tunnel for my Dad to envision moving to a smaller home.
—Katherine D., New Mexico (daughter of client in Chicago)

Last minute help
Terri was a lifesaver in my moment of crisis! Our movers had “unpacked” us and just threw our personal belongings everywhere. I was completely overwhelmed by the mess they had made. Terri came over for about 4 hours and we cleaned up the mess and organized our closet. Our closet looks amazing, and she gave me great tips on organizing in general, which I‘ve used as we've moved into our house. While Terri had other plans that day, sensing how stressed I was she scrapped her plans and came over to help. She is full of energy. I felt a huge weight lifted after my session with Terri. Highly, highly recommend her!
—Gretchen K., Chicago, IL

Organizing a 1-bedroom loft space
I kept putting off contacting a professional organizer because I don't technically have that much in the way of "clutter" and I wasn't sure if it was worth it. Here's the thing - organizing is not something that everyone is capable of doing! I work pretty long hours and without a true system of what goes where, I would often resort to just shoving things anywhere. It didn't look great, but I was working with limited space and just thinking about organizing everything was stressful.

When my roommate moved out and I was suddenly afforded a bunch of extra space, I knew it was the perfect time to bring in some help. I ended up reaching out to Terri for help creating order in my small apartment so that I could spend my limited free time focusing on the things I actually enjoy doing -- and it was totally worth it! We took 3 hours to go through my entire apartment and with Terri's help and expert tips I now have a wonderful system in place to keep me from falling back into old habits. I wish I had called her sooner!
—Julie A., Chicago, IL

Procrastinator needed help
I always wait until the last minute because I just can’t do decluttering/organizing/preparing for my upcoming move on my own. Calling Terri was worth the money. She is so efficient and immediately assessed my situation. She got me to take pictures of all my furniture to post on Craig’s List; we brought the large pile of trash/recycling that I hadn’t taken out to the garbage cans outside. Then she got me focused to go through old filing cabinets and helped me sort into shred/recycle/keep/trash/donate bags. Then we worked on my closets and drawers. After four hours, we had donations loaded in my trunk, shredding and e-waste ready for the NAPO De-Clutter Drive Through, books ready for donation pickup, and she started packing an office supply box. I’m definitely going to call her for round two de-cluttering and to help me unpack and get settled in my new place.
—Glenn S., Chicago, IL

Clothes Organizing
I’m a busy working professional with limited free time and don’t have much interest in spending my time organizing. Terri came to my rescue so I’m so glad I called her! My closet was overflowing with clothes on the hangers, on the shelves, on the floor. She knew the exact steps to take even though I was so overwhelmed and didn’t know how to start. By sorting all my clothes into type and color, I was able to see that I had too much of many categories so filled about 15 donate bags! She put lesser used items like a seasonal comforter on a high shelf vs. where it had been in the way on the closet floor. Just her presence being there got me so motivated to finally try on old summer shoes I had for years in a very large tub. You guessed it — I got rid of most of them giving me much needed extra space for storing suitcases. She switched out all my wire hangers to huggable hangers and arranged the closet so I can find what I need for work or leisure time. The before/after pictures are remarkable, and I have a functional closet again. It’s totally worth getting help from someone like Terri who enjoys this kind of work so much since it’s not my bag!
—Ghiane J., Chicago, IL

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